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#Fall Vibes | The luxury of spiked leather: new fashion show by innovative designer Michael Lombard

Michael Lombard is a luxury american designer, who is becoming more and more popular in the world of fashion. His designs are innovative and modern and the fashion industry is taking notice. Recent Michael Lombard’s fashion show on NYFW17 in Sept gave his brand a big push forward towards the world’s recognition and fame. Upcoming shows at NYFW18 as well as FWBK18 in the spring will continue his success on the world stage.

This time his collection was represented in Georgetown Fashion Show. Models were catwalkin' off luxurious yachts for Michael Lombard and was used as the backdrop for his collection. Despite this fact, all of the attention was drawn to the luxurious aesthetics of the brand and it’s stunning jackets. See below for pieces from his new collection.

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