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Michael Lombard Leather Jackets

If you could point out to your wardrobe and ask from yourself that which piece of cloth looks the most stylish, without a doubt it would be the leather jacket. The leather jackets have been one of the coolest pieces of style for many years. From the serviced man to the street biker, everyone was using it for being stylish. The leather jackets are considered to be one of the most demanded jackets among men and women. Leather jackets are common in these days, which never go unnoticed. There are a variety of styles and designs available such as:

  • Lamb Skin leather jackets- Lambskin jackets are the most luxurious leather jackets known for its softness, flexibility and easy to carry features. Lambskin jackets have a luxurious texture and are quite versatile. These jackets are naturally very lightweight and can be worn all year-round whatever the season.

  • Sheep Skin Leather jackets- sheepskin Leather jackets are a great way to make a fashionable statement. For a classically casual and trendy look, opt for sheepskin Leather jackets. In an ever fashionable style and with a sheepskin collar, this stylish jacket will become an instant go-to collection in your wardrobe.

  • Calf skin leather jackets- Calfskin leather Jackets are made from a fine and Soft quality, these jackets are durable and do not easily show scratches and blemishes. They provide warmth in cold weather while still being enough lightweight to wear comfortably on a brisk spring day.

How to Keep a Leather Jacket for Longer Use?

A leather jacket is expensive clothing which people desire to have in their wardrobe. It is a label of fashion and style which keeps one's wardrobe different and trendy from others. If you own a leather jacket, you must be aware of the techniques to care of it properly so that you can use it for a longer time make it stylish or comfortable all the time. There are many things which cause permanent harm to a leather dress such as weather conditions, makeup, lotions, natural body oils etc and that is the reason cleaning becomes more important.

When it comes to the cleaning of a leather jackets, you need to give proper focus on cleaning, conditioning and drying.

  • Cleaning: If you are planning to clean your leather jacket, you will need to get specialized leather cleaning products. First of all, clean the surface of the jacket with a soft wet cloth and then apply leather cleaner. Once the cleaner is applied, wipe the jacket again and leave it to dry.

  • Conditioning: Proper care of leather jackets is not possible without conditioning, it keeps the leather flexible and away from cracking. Conditioning becomes important when the jacket gets wet or humid but make sure conditioner is applied once the jacket is dried and cleaned.

  • Drying: The drying should be done at room temperature and the jacket must be hanged on a wide-shouldered hanger so that the shape remains same after getting dried. Make sure that excess water and other water spots must be wiped away before hanging the jacket.

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