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Dakota Digital for ML Moto Jackets
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Tel UK: 01623 428996
Tel US: 917-720-3025

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February 24 2017
New Luxury Leather Fashion House Launches Premium Line of Moto Jackets for Elite Clientele
The classic leather jacket has received a luxe, modern update with the latest collection from exclusive design house, Michael Lombard Modern Moto Jackets. Building upon a style staple, the sumptuous new take on the ubiquitous motouses only premium 100% calf skin and sheepskin leather and durable metal hardware to craft each meticulously designed outerwear article. It is an innovative collection, tailored towards dressing the elite.
Committed to craftsmanship, every cut, fold and stitch that goes into each ML Moto Jacket is executed to perfection. While the leather jacket has its roots in raw, rugged workwear this premium offering is better suited to high-class events or public appearances where there is a need to dress to impress.
Michael Lombard, CEO and designer said, “There are certain articles in fashion that are quite simply timeless. Alongside the little black dress, the turtle neck sweater and Levi 501s, the leather jacket is simply iconic. In my latest collection I respect its defining features while also creatively pushing the boundaries of what it stands for. I’ve taken the classic and updated it for the modern day. After a painstaking process of hand-sketching many initial designs, striving for perfection, the final collection that is showcased by ML Moto Jackets embodies this mixture of contemporary and classic perfectly, presented through luxury.”
While the visual impact of each ML Moto Jacket is bold, the experience of wearing each sheep or calf skin outerwear creation is nothing but subtle. Produced using sophisticatedly soft hides, these leathers are the highest grade available, providing comfort, longevity and a long-lasting, premium product.
The range of must-have leather jackets from MLMoto is available for men and women, with a variety of designs and colors to choose from. Alongside the classic ‘moto’ silhouette, a military offering and a longer line coat are just some of the choices given to stylish women, while men enjoy variations on the classic featuring ribbed detailing, additional zips and even a premium western shirt style, each article crafted using the finest quality leather.
To view the full premium collection of leather jackets and contemporary leather creations, visit

Michael Lombard Modern Moto Jackets is anexclusive designer brand, renowned for high-end men's and women’s genuine calf and sheep kin leather outerwear. It combines exceptional quality with contemporary design, producing hand-crafted moto jackets and additional styles, providing premium leather for the elite client.
Dakota Digital for MLMoto Jackets
Press contact: Rebecca Appleton
Tel UK: 01623 428996
Tel US: 917-720-3025

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